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Lecture delivered by Dr Ademola Adedipe at Celestial Church of Christ, Itire, Lagos - 12th June 2010


The Global financial crisis which started around 2007–2009 has been called the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression by leading economists, with its global effects characterized by the failure of key businesses, declines in consumer wealth estimated in the trillions of U.S. dollars, substantial financial commitments incurred by governments, and a significant decline in economic activity. Many causes have been proposed, with varying weight assigned by experts. Absolutely no institution is left out of the effect of this situation.

When viewed in a global context, taking into account the instability generated by speculative trade, the implications of this crisis is far-reaching. 

The crisis, however, has by no means reached its climax. It could potentially disrupt the very foundations of the international monetary system. The repercussions on people's lives in America and around the world are dramatic. 

The crisis is not limited to the meltdown of financial markets, the real economy at the national and international levels, its institutions; its productive structures are also in jeopardy.  

As stock values collapse, lifelong household savings are eroded, not to mention pension funds.   

The financial meltdown inevitably backlashes on consumer markets, the housing market, and more broadly on the process of investment in the production of goods and services.   



1.      One of the major reasons of this meltdown is that too many people in developed and even developing countries are buying things they don't need with money they don't have. In essence all this financial mess is about unregulated exotic living.

2.      Another cause is the over reliance on credit driven lifestyle

3.      Rate of outflow from financial institutions were unimaginably greater than the return rate thereby creating shadow institutions (without actual money)



1.      Cut in line of credit to truly deserving recipients.

2.      Rise in rate of unemployment and indeed closure of companies due to the inability of organisations to meet up financially.

3.      Decline in income/or its value both to individuals and also organisations



Economic (Practical Catholic church case study)

The hard times are seeing more people going to church but collections have decreased, a senior Catholic prelate said.

According to the prelate, while poverty increased the number of church goers by 20 percent, it decreased the money the Church received from the faithful. Church collections in his archdiocese decreased 40 percent, the prelate said.

"Here, we noted a 40 percent decline because the people are also trying to save. But they also try to give whatever they can".

When life is hard and the people are struggling, they naturally tend towards God by going to church. And since life is hard for the people, their donations are very small.



Apart from the fact that this situation would hinder projects (crusades, conferences, development programmes etc), we as children of God need to look deeper into the crux of this matter and the BIGGER picture – THE END IS WITH US.

The financial meltdown is a sign that the whole structure and system of this world will soon collapse and be wiped away! This earth is destined to be wiped away with all of its gold, diamond, real estate, cars, technology, money, and the people who live in rebellion against God.

Programme of God for Africa, especially Nigeria, during this global economic meltdown situation

God has a glorious plan for us his dark skinned African children. People may call us the Dark Continent filled with corruption, famine, wars and greed. We are just playing out the garbage input that the western world has injected into us.

The world has an African origin, Africa has always been a place of refuge to protect God’s plan (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, Jesus (at infancy & en-route to the cross). We are not left out of this end time redemption. God is swinging a serious injury time wealth towards us. Little wonder all that matters globally cannot leave Africa alone (America & European Union especially)

Nigeria has a leading role to play. We are the Nigeria (the People).



Realistically speaking, the worst is yet to come. We should not be ignorant of the times. 2Tim 3:1

Despite all these glaring facts, the Church should note strongly that God is not in the business of abandoning His own. He will make a way of escape and when the heat gets too hot, the final escape program would be released (The calling of the saints either via Rapture or glorious home calling). This world is not our home, we are just pilgrims and ambassadors and sooner than later every ambassador is always recalled.

The church should awake from their slumber. The church is so in conformity with the world that members do not have heaven in focus again. Focus for most Christians, or rather, distractions have shifted to MOSTLY earthly, temporal and mundane gains and rewards.

Because we are here, the Lord would still make ways for us, but we need to start getting our packs ready for the moment of truth (RAPTURE). THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We live in a world that is full of passion. People are driven by so many factors that these complexity of factors alone can bring huge weight to the mind. As we approach the pivotal instance in the history of mankind where the long awaited return of the King Jesus will trigger the beginning of the end, what are you passionate about?

Many of the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ have shifted focus. We are driven by the lust for wealth, popularity, possession and class. It is so heart breaking that closeness to God is now being measured by bank account balance, number of luxury vehicles in the garage, the membership strength of the church and even the number of audience being pulled either at crusade grounds or through media network. While all these things can’t be classified as devilish, they should not be our daily driving force. It is an open secret that people are now engaging in lots of fetish practices just to hold a large congregation.

The Church of Jesus Christ is expected to be holy, pure and without blemish as we await the coming of the King, bit I’m afraid the Church is a far cry from what it should be. The picture today is a seriously religious but not spiritual organization. This is a cause for worry.

When Jesus was about being taken up, he specifically mentioned that the work of the Church was to go into the world and make Disciples of every nation. We don’t see much of disciple making nowadays. It’s all about membership strength, NO ONE becoming more like JESUS. Supposed disciples exhibit even worse character than the openly branded children of the devil. This ought not to be so.

The pressure of maintaining balance in life has made many to be advocates of if you can’t beat them you join them; you behave as a Roman when you are in Rome and Heaven helps those who help themselves. All these are tactics that are meant to shift our focus and put our drive and passion away from Jesus.

If we are to be sincere with ourselves, when last can you say you really had a truly refreshing time in God’s presence (I don’t mean what we think is refreshing). Before God it won’t be – how many cars, houses, businesses or other possession did you have on earth, it would be how focused and passionate were you on Jesus while on earth.

God is watching and taken notes! What are you passionate about? Are you still focused on God? Can you say you are truly pursuing purity, righteousness, holiness and godliness? When the King returns, what would you report be like?

If answer to any of the above is uncertain or shaky, a ray of hope and opportunity is still very much available for you.  It is better now than later.