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Posted by ademola adedipe on March 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Welcome to ademola adedipe's website. I hope you will find it an enriching experience as you go along from time to time.

It has been said more often than not that most seminarians, bible scholars and theologians especially here in Nigeria are not worth their salt and that certificates, diplomas and degrees being offered can only be classified as cheap means of attaining supposed academic attainments.

It is my belief that this kind of scenario is not uncommon even in our secular ivory towers. However, with proper funding and infrastructural provisions, every educational channel be it secular, religious or even apprenticeship, can lead a ready individual to heights of excellence.

It is in this light that this website is presented so that my personal research work and that of some of my colleagues can be presented on the academic altar of criticism and hopefully attention would be drawn to some other excellent minds who have been caught in the web of academic complacency.

Please be free to comment on articles and publications on this site.

Sincerely yours

Ademola Adedipe